Welcome to TOONS ON CD. This will be your one stop shop for all 80s and some 90s cartoons and a few shows. Have a yearning to see He-Man battle skeletor again. Or would you like to see the SHIRT TALES race away in there car. Or maybe your the type that likes JEM and the Holograms. Whatever you prefer, youll get it here at TOONS ON CD.


MY GOAL: My goal is simple. To provide everyone an equal opportunity to catch up on the toons
we all grew up watching and love. The shows arent coming back anytime soon, so we
must take it upon ourselves to trade these toons between ourselves. I do not charge to purchase my videos however I charge for the service of copying them, the cost of the tape, and shipping costs. 

DISCLAIMER: (MUST READ TO CONITNUE) Because of legal hargon jargon, I have to put this in to keep out the bad guys. Now in order to even look at my site furthur you must abide by these rules.
1. You must not be affiliated now or in the future, with anything having to do with TV, Companies owning rights to cartoons,
       or be in any way affiliated with anything having to do with getting me in trouble. I will decide who should and should'nt
       be at my site. It is my judgement.

2. Everything that you may order or watch from this site MUST be deleted. After you pay your money, and get the CD, you    
      must destroy the CD or return it to me because keeping it is illegal. I keep no record of what you do with the CD and am  
      not responsible for your actions.

3. I am in NO WAY held responsible for anything you do at this site. It is merely for enjoyment ONLY.

Enough said!


(only if you agree to above)



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